Helping individuals, community groups, and employer groups

Understand the path to Medicare

Our nonprofit has a mission to advocate for and assist those approaching age 65, already 65 or retiring from employer coverage. We guide individuals through educating and advocating to make the most informed decisions about Medicare as primary health coverage. We want to simplify the steps and be a trusted resource to as many as possible.

Our Mission

Help us reach more individuals, community groups, employer groups, and online platforms understand the path to Medicare.

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About 65 Alive

65 Alive was created to meet the needs for the 11,000 plus people entering Medicare every day. Approaching age 65 comes with so many unanswered questions about how and when to apply. How to avoid penalties if you decide not to sign up. Understanding you have a choice to remain on a credible Employer coverage and delay enrolling in Medicare. The Medicare population also continues to be at great risk for call center fraud and agents who enroll and disenroll plans when individuals do not really understand what is happening, and if they are for certain in the coverages and networks they need.

Planning for healthcare costs as people consider retirement is also a pillar of financial planning. We help identify the cost factors that can help decide when and how you will plug costs in beyond working years.

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